The General Service Medal Northern Ireland Medal & RAF LS GCM WW2 British Repro


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This Medal Does NOT have the word Copy Written on it
Anyone interested in history will love this amazing piece of art!
Excellent gift for anyone who loves WW1 era or for collectors.


The General Service Medal Northern Ireland Medal & RAF LS GCM WW2 British Repro


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The General Service Medal (1962 GSM, also sometimes referred to as the Campaign Service Medal), was introduced in 1962 to combine the General Service Medal (1918), as awarded to the Army and RAF, and the Naval General Service Medal (1915). The 1962 GSM was awarded until 2007, when it was replaced by the Operational Service Medal.


Elizabeth II and Commonwealth leaders at the 1960 Commonwealth Conference

The 1962 GSM is a circular Silver medal. The obverse shows the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth II

The reverse bears the words ‘FOR CAMPAIGN SERVICE’ under a crown, all surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves. The popular motto for this medal grouping is “Against All Odds” whereas the accurate motto is “Against Adversity”.

The 32 mm wide ribbon is purple with two outer stripes of dark green. These are the same colours as the GSM 1918–62, but with different proportions of these two colours being used for this medal.

Awarded to personnel involved in an arduous campaign or well fought operation when serviceman would on occasion have to shoot at the opposition, other than purely for self defence.

GSMs have the name, rank, service number and regiment or corps of the awardee annotated on the rim of the medal.

Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Royal Air Force Long Service and Good Conduct Medal was instituted by King George V in 1919, the year following the establishment of the world’s first independent Air Force. The medal could be awarded to Regular Force non-commissioned officers and airmen of the Royal Air Force. The award criteria was later relaxed to also allow the award of the medal to officers who had served a minimum period in the ranks before being commissioned

A later version of the Spitfires which played a major part in the Battle of Britain.

The Avro Lancaster heavy bomber was extensively used during the strategic bombing of Germany.

Badge of Royal Air Force

In the complex British honours system, there were distinct awards for officers and men for each service arm, Navy, Army and Air Force, and for each type of service, Regular Force or Reserve components. Regular Force officers were not eligible for any long service awards since, as they held a commission, they were expected to serve honourably and for a long period of time. Reserve Force officers were eligible for various long service decorations that granted them the use of post-nominal letters, while Reserve Force other ranks were eligible for various long service and good conduct medals, but without post-nominals.
Anyone interested in history will love this amazing piece of art!

It is ideal to wear instead of Your issue Medal or for Displaying on uniforms and collections

It is excellent gift for anyone who loves WW1/WW2 era or for collectors

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