I don’t know much about medals but my son said this is a really good copy of the Victoria Cross. It looks and feels like the real thing.

K S CrawleyLoyal Customer

Very good reproduction of the “Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse” (or EK II–Iron Cross 2nd Class ). The Iron Cross 2nd class has the same dimensions as the 1st Class, and has the same obverse feature, except that since the 1st class is a breast badge, the reverse side of it is a solid silvered metal plate with just the attachment mechanism.
This reproduction is 43mm X 43mm (the real genuine 1st and 2nd classes are identically 44mm X 44mm…which this reviewer both have in his collection) as measured by a digitally precise Vernier scale. Another reason for the rating is, the real core of any genuine Iron Cross, as befits all Iron Crosses, including the “Ritterkreuz” (Knight’s Cross) and the Stern zum Großkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (Grand Cross of the Iron Cross), are that their cores are all made of Iron, and therefore will attract any ordinary magnet. This repro. is made of some kind of plastic moulded material in the black center core area while the “silvered” edges are made of alloy zinc. The ribbon has the exact colour pattern as the ones issued during the First World War. The back pin at the top of the ribbon is made of stainless steel and is the only part which can attract magnetic materials. It could as well be made of heavier duty metal of brass alloy zinc or Tombak material.
I am still longing for a reproduction with all the correct refinements, but this one is very good at its price level

Franz N.Loyal Customer

“Solid and very authentic looking. Build quality is excellent and blue is the correct shade, unlike some others that have it too dark.”

Anthony SzymoniakHappy Cusstomer

“Bought this for my Fathers urn, he was a war buff and loved the history of them. he told me this is what he wanted draped on his urn before he died and it is a quality item as far as I can tell. I think he would be proud of it.”

sarah waishwellonCustomer

“Almost exactly what I expected it to be. The only thing is that it’s a little lighter than what I thought, but I can live with it. I love it and I wear it every time I go out, it’s a fine piece.”

Zach Blayeronhappy client

The medal and neck ribbon looks very nice in the display case. This item is well made and very close to the authentic medal I examined several years ago in Germany. I would recommend this to those who collect military memorabilia.

Heavy Cav 08photographer

“Very good quality. Will be perfect for a costume I am putting together!”

MPonHappy Customer

“A very beautiful item indeed…. im so pleased…..looks awesome on my ushanka hat.”

Mr.AmbassadorHappy Customer


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